One evening after much journeying a traveller from far countries came, as the lights were being kindled in many a window, to the summit of a hill amidst the houses of a goodly hamlet. At that time the desire of new sights is least, even in one whose heart is that of an explorer, and then even such a wayfarer turns his thoughts rather to supper and to rest and the telling of tales before the time of bed and sleep is come. And the traveller thought, "The hour of rest is at hand, and though I know not even the name of this fair seeming town upon a little hill here I will seek rest and lodging and go no further til tomorrow, nor go even then perchance, for its breezes have a good savour. To me it has the air of holding many secrets of old and wonderful and beautiful things in its treasuries and noble places and in the hearts of those who dwell within its walls."

Stepping as if by chance, he turned aside down a winding lane, till, a little down the slope, his eye was arrested by a dwelling whose many windows shone forth with a most warm and delicious light, as of hearts content within. Then his heart yearned for kind company and impelled by a great longing he turned aside at this cottage door. At his knock the door was opened in welcome and at his inquiry it was told to him that this house was called Mar Vanwa Tyalieva or the Cottage of Lost Play.

Mar Vanwa Tyalieva takes its inspiration from the Cottage of Lost Play, an early creation of Tolkien's found in the Book of Lost Tales, where a wanderer of the Race of Men is given rest and nourishment in an Elvish household full of the laughter of children and tales by the tale fire.  We are an Elven-themed Kinship, maintaining housing in Falathlorn and taking a particular interest in Elvish lore. But we are not an Elf-exclusive kin. Like the lord and lady of the Cottage of Lost Play, we welcome all races and all classes.

We are a Kinship that values people. Our goal is to maintain a small-medium sized community where friendships can be developed and cultivated in a mature, friendly and supportive environment. We're interested in everything: questing, dungeons, crafting, exploration, RP and especially music. What could be better than doing all these things together, laughing along the way? We seek members who enjoy helping others, both within and without the kin. We strive for personal excellence in what we do, but we avoid a "hardcore" or perfectionist attitude. Another goal of MVT is to be a kin that enriches the entire LOTRO community, whether by the individual efforts of our members or by our efforts together as a group. We encourage our members to use our resources to express their creativity through the game in any manner they choose, whether it's transcribing music, running a dungeon in character or adding content to a LOTRO blog.

Most of all we want to be a place that our members can call a home.

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